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In celebration of publishing You and Me Forever one year ago, Francis and Lisa Chan are giving the book away for FREE!

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If you would like to contribute to their goal of raising $5 million through the book to give to various Christian ministries, you can donate directly to the project fund.

Behind the Book

The story behind the book.

The Chans

A look into the life of the Chans as they try to live missionally.

You and Me Forever

Three marriage stories that will make you rethink everything.

Ride It Out Together

A fun music video written and performed by Francis and Lisa. You have to watch!

Blind Devotion

A short film about the beauty of unconditional love.


Margaret and Daniel's story of love through all things.

To go along with the book, Francis and Lisa recorded a seven week video study series.

Message to the Leaders

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Somewhere along the way, we realized that this book would be more than a book.

Not too long after Francis and Lisa began writing, they decided to spend their 20th wedding anniversary serving with a one of their friends' ministries in East Africa. While there, they saw real starvation as they fed kids literally days away from death, and they also witnessed a system of poverty and prostitution that resulted in young girls having no other option but to sleep with about 5 men a night to make $5.

Francis and Lisa were struck to the core by what they saw, but at the same time they were very moved by what God was doing through their friend’s ministry. So with the book already in motion, which they had been planning to give away for free, they decided to also sell the book to raise funds for their friend’s ministry and others like it around the world.

Nevertheless, they decided not to publish the book through traditional means, which they easily could have done considering how successful of an author Francis is. Instead, they took a big step of faith and decided to self-publish the book. In doing so, there was the potential to generate much more money than had it been published through a traditional publisher, for no longer would the publisher get the lion’s share of the profit. But at the same time, there would also be substantially greater risk. Who knew if they would be able to pull it off?

Well, wouldn't you know, with the help of a great team of volunteers, You and Me Forever was published only about eight months later! Now, 100% of the profit from the book goes straight to this vision, with no publisher middleman. We would love to raise $5 million to feed the hungry, free women from prostitution, and spread the gospel to unreached places, but we can't do it alone, and that's why we need your help. Books ordered from this site generate the most funds for the projects, so please support the work now by ordering your own copy or by donating directly to the project fund.

All net proceeds and donations are being directed to Crazy Love Ministries, Francis’ 501(c)3 registered in the state of California, which are then are dispersed to several previously-selected partners for the book. Stay tuned for updates about the impact that’s being made by people like you.

In addition, since the book was published in-house, we have all the say in deciding how we get the book out to readers. As such, only on this site will you find cheap prices, bulk discounts, a free downloadable PDF of the book, and the new iOS and Android app!

For more information about Francis and Lisa's heart behind the book, see the “Behind the Book” video on the Videos page.

Are the study guides available yet?

Yes! They're in the store.

I already have a book. How else can I contribute to the $5 million goal?

You can donate directly to our projects by clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the Book page. Also, consider ordering books and study guides for friends!

Is there special bulk pricing?

Yes! The bulk pricing can be found in the store, as well.

If you would like to place a really big order, please contact for details.

What about international shipping?

As of now, we don’t ship internationally from our site, but you can place an order to be shipped internationally through Amazon, here.

Where else is the book available?

You and Me Forever is available most places where Francis Chan’s books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, Mardel, and many others. Please check with your local book retailer, and if it’s not there… ask! But at the same time, know that books ordered from this site generate more funds for our projects than those bought elsewhere.

What is the plan for releasing You and Me Forever in other countries and their respective languages?

Work is underway to release You and Me Forever in the following countries:

Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore & Malaysia, South Africa

If you would like more information about the books for these countries or others not listed above, please contact

Is there an e-book?

Yes! The e-book is available for download on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Google.

If I can’t afford to buy You and Me Forever, is there a way I can still read it?

Yes! It has been Francis and Lisa's heart from the beginning to make the book available for free to those who couldn't afford a copy. Therefore, there are now two options. First, you can now download the new You and Me Forever app on iOS and Android...for free! The app includes written and audio versions of the book and much more! To do so, please see the top of the Book page. Alternatively, you can also download a free PDF version, here.